Hour adventure walk service 

What is provided with my service?

My walking service includes collection/drop off and all dogs will get a minimum of an hour's group walk. In the summer I generally get started earlier to avoid the heat of the day.  I go to shaded areas with water when it is hot and, as well as having a lot of water in the van, always carry water when out walking.  If any dog looks uncomfortable I will stop the walk but, so far, this has never happened.  If the weather is really hot I will unfortunately have to cancel the walk.  Each dog's safety is paramount to me.

During the winter months unless it is icy and road conditions are hazardous we go out whatever the weather.  Please be warned that your dog will invariably get wet and muddy however I do have a portable shower so can give your dog a warm water wash down and towel dry.  This is just a wash down - please don't expect the dog to be immaculate although I always do my best.

Each and every client has access to the following with Time 4 A Walk:

  • Book/cancel your walk online (24 hours notice required)

  • Pay for your walks online with your card - I am happy for payment in advance or in arrears, whichever is easiest for you

  • Check in / check out - you will know exactly when I pick up your pet and also when s/he is returned.  This will ensure you always know how long they have been left for and whether you can do that overtime at work!  

I have a Facebook page- you can see photos or videos of our walks on there so you can see what your dog has been up to whilst you have been at work!  ​

Monday to Friday walks

From Monday to Friday I offer two walks - an early morning one and late morning/early pm.  

Walk 1- start pick up at around 8.45, walk for an hour, back by 11.00

Walk 2 - start pick up at around 11.15, walk for an hour, back by 1.30

I allow plenty of time for pick up/drop off as well as time to wash down and make comfortable after our walk.  Please note that these timings are only approximate due to traffic or be faced with 4 filthy dogs to clean up before picking up my next walk.  


As mentioned above, if the weather is very hot I tweak the times and start walking earlier to avoid the heat of the day.  


1 hour - £15.00 for one dog / £25 for two dogs.

1 hour Monday to Friday inclusive (i.e. 5 consecutive days) - £12 for one dog / £22 for two dogs.

Weekend walks (monthly)

I am super excited to announce that I am starting a new once a month group walk on a Saturday or Sunday which is for a minimum of 2 hours but can be up to 3 hours.  There are lots of wonderful places around which I simply don't have time to get to or walk around in my hourly group walks, hence this brand new service.  

I can take up to 4 dogs in my van. The dogs will be out with me for at least 4 hours, depending upon the location and length of the walk. My husband will be coming with me too which will save any navigational mishaps!

During the walks we will be doing enrichment activities, parkour etc - all the usual activities I do on our hourly adventure walks, just much longer walks!  I have found some amazing venues which are all under 25 miles from me and all have something different to offer.  


£25.00 for one dog / £15 for each extra dog from same household



Call Ali on 07803 000669

email:  ali@time4awalk.co.uk

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