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Reminiscing and planning for adventure walk fun!

Hi everyone and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I am sat here with a box of Lindt by my side - I need someone to take them away from me but am sure I will walk it all off again next week. The time between Christmas and the New Year is funny and I really don't know which day it is as everything is so out of sync! Is anyone else like that or is it just me?

2019 was a mixed bag for me. My absolute highlight would have been deciding to give Time 4 A Walk a go. I am sorry in that I know I have said this before but I am just loving taking out my groups of dogs for an hour and seeing all the fun my gangs have together! All the dogs have such different personalities and it is comical watching how they interact with each other.

As you know, my downside would have been that dreadful afternoon on 25th September when I dislocated and broke 2 fingers. I am still amazed I walked the dogs back and drove myself to Minor Injuries - isn't it amazing what adrenaline can do!! That is mostly all behind me now though I do have some nerve damage and am continuing with my Physio. None of this affects my walking so all good.

I am really excited about 2020. I am really throwing myself more and more into the whole adventure walk theme and am over the moon that my combination of giving your dog physical exercise (by way of a chance for a really good run) and mental exercise (by way of dog parkour/searching for treats) is working so well. Some of the 'busier' breeds e.g. Working Cocker Spaniels and Border Collies need this combination but all dogs benefit from it. For an example of dog parkour, check out Buddie and Bodza balancing on the concrete pipe on the Dramway - they both enjoyed doing it and it is so good for their self confidence doing these sort of activities. You may have seen from the photos here on my website that even I joined in with the balancing act one day!!

Buddie and Bodza balancing on concrete pipe!

If you follow my daily videos on my page link here if you'd like to watch you will have seen how much the dogs enjoy searching for their treats - you should see Jasper's tail whirling around as he goes searching and snuffling for all those tiny little nuggets of tastiness! He is the undisputed master of this but it's lovely to see that all the dogs are now getting better at actually working to find their snacks and even those who normally come straight to me (cough Jess and Buddie!) are now working for them.

Bodza, Jess, Jasper and Buddie searching for treats at Vassells

I plan to investigate lots more of these type of activities that we can enjoy together. These sort of things come under the banner of 'enrichment' and are all about exercising the brains of our gorgeous pets. Don't get me wrong, the physical exercise is really vital too and I have heard that one of my dogs has definitely lost weight since coming out with me five times a week! As people are finding, letting your dog come out and play with me exercises both parts of their dogs which leads to a happy, content and tired dog which has to be a winner, right?

If you are interested in your dog joining us for an adventure walk, please get in touch with me on 07803 000669.

Bye for now and have a wonderful New Year! Now, where's those chocolates gone .....

Ali and Whiz x


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