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Off to a flying start in 2020!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post - I have been busy out having adventures with my regular dogs and I am pleased to let you know that a few new faces have joined our Time 4 A Walk family! I have to say I am lucky enough to have a lovely bunch of dogs. I will never be someone who does lots of big group walks as that's just not my thing but I am really revelling in getting to know each dog under my care as an individual (which they very much are) with their very distinct personalities.

It turns out that I was right all along and that the dogs really do enjoy doing the enrichment activities that I have been mentioning since I started! The dogs now get very excited when I say the treat word and come bounding over to me and I swear they have grins on their faces. They sit (or some try to sit but are rather too excited and shuffle backwards, mentioning no names Jasper!) and then I throw the treats up and the dogs leap onto where they land. We enjoy playing this game in various locations - it is obviously easiest on the short grass but we go for banks and tufts of grass too to make it a bit harder. I make sure that everyone finds treats and if a dog is unsure what to do I just get their attention and drop a few treats on the ground in front of them and it's surprising how quickly they find them.

Another thing which the dogs really enjoy is climbing up on logs/pipes/banks or anything a bit unusual. I have to prompt them a bit sometimes but they soon enter into the spirit of it and once they start there's no stopping them! This happens a fair bit when we go to Vassells Park as there are loads of natural obstacles for them to scramble on/over. Unfortunately I'm not often quick enough with the camera and I generally catch them just as they have got down from whatever they were on. I'd be a hopeless professional photographer!

Bodza balancing on a concrete pipe on The Dramway. She enjoys doing these sort of things!

My van is going really well and I am already at the point where I can't imagine not having it. The dogs all travel really well in it without exception which is wonderful. Poor Buddie had a shock the other day as he was sat minding his own business in 'his' crate and Jess jumped in with him. The look on his face was priceless - what is SHE doing here with me!!!! So it turns out that even in the two smaller crates at the back I can easily accommodate two dogs - not that I plan to but how good of Jess to test it for me.

Whiz and Buddie in the 2 back crates - this is before I bought the noodle mats for the dogs to lie on.

I am still waging war against all the mud which is literally everywhere at the moment. I have a Hozelock portable shower in the van which I fill with hot water each time I go out and yesterday my husband and I made a not very attractive tea cosy type arrangement for it with some woollen insulation material and I am pleased to say it worked. The dogs had a lovely warm shower and I have to say it was lovely for me too as I didn't have to work with cold water. I have Vetbed fleece mats in each crate with a 'noodle' bath mat on top which absorbs any wet when the dog lies down.

After washing the dogs I dry them off with my microfibre towels which are excellent and then finish with a normal towel and Ruff and Tumble's wonderful drying mitts for wet/muddy paws when I take the dogs into your home (link here if you are interested - they have a sale on! They also do amazing drying coats). This all takes a while to do but it is worth it - I don't think you would want your beloved fur baby in your house in the state they get in with me sometimes!!

After a walk the dogs all get a warm shower down on those wet and muddy tummies and legs! followed by a rub down with a towel.

If anyone would like their dog to join in on our hourly adventure walks please get in touch with me as I literally only have two vacancies now. Please feel free to browse the website and contact me with any questions.

Until next time!

Ali and Whiz x


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