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Back with my crew!

Goodness me, what strange times we have been through since my last blog post way back in March. I really hope that you and your families are all safe and well and have got through the nightmare that is Covid-19. Thankfully none of us caught it though I did have a cold only last week and we had to be tested - thankfully we were all negative.

I am sure it sounds a cliche to say I really missed your dogs but I genuinely say, hand on heart, that I did. Over the course of time I build up a strong bond with each and every one of the dogs I walk and it was very hard to go cold turkey and stop like that. Of course our safety has to come first but I have to say I am delighted to be out and about again although I am uber careful about any possible cross-contamination and always have my trusty Leucillin close by! Some clients are working from home and do not need me at the moment, some have cut the number of days down but each of the dogs I walked has a place with me unless the owners' circumstances have changed and they no longer need a walker.

I am still following the guidance given which means collecting the dog(s) from the garden/porch and not entering the house if anyone is present. As before, I am using my own leads and at the end of each walk, once the dogs are safely in the van and wiped down, I always wash my hands with soap and warm water .... I am using the shower I bought for dealing with all the mud in the depths of the winter as can't bring myself to use cold water!! Due to our unseasonal rain I have been using the warm water to wash the little bit of mud off dogs legs and tummies although thankfully nothing like it was back in the winter.

There has been one very positive impact of this whole lockdown and the resulting social distancing. I am driving more miles BUT am finding some wonderful new places to walk that I simply wouldn't have found before. I have been sitting down of an evening, armed with large scale maps, scouring the countryside for new walks! I don't go anywhere where there is likely to be lots of people (I never have done to be fair) and my general rule is dogs are off the lead unless we see someone in the distance in which case I call the dogs in and pop them all back on lead again. My treats bag is stuffed with sausages, liver paste and all sorts of tasty treats just to let them know I really am worth coming back to!!

We have a new puppy at home - meet 'Sidney', our now 20 week old Jack Russell/Chihuaha cross puppy. We adopted him from Jack Russell Rescue UK and he has fitted right into the family - I would even go so far as to say he has us wrapped around his little paw! Him and Whiz are hitting it off and Whiz thinks it is great he now has a little brother to lead astray. They are often to be found snuggled up together under a blanket like in this photo ..... so sweet.

I am planning to launch a new service within the next month ..... I will give you a clue what it is in that it is partly influenced by the fact that I now have a small dog myself though I had been thinking about doing it for a little while now. Please watch this space for further details.

Take care everyone.

Ali, Whiz and Sidney x


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