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Back on the open road again (Nov 19)

At long last, 40 days after my accident, I was given permission to drive my car again as long as I felt safe to do so. I very tentatively drove up to Yate and went around Morrison's grinning like a Cheshire Cat. People must have wondered what on earth I was smiling about! Anyhow, I have now been driving for just over a week and can only say thank goodness.

Everything is so much quicker now that I don't have to walk everywhere but the best thing ever is that I get to take my group dogs out to different places. Last week we went to a different place each day which I am sure they enjoyed as much as me with lots of new places to explore, new smells, new ponds to leap into in some cases!! I have done a list of local walks I can take them to and so far I am up to 17 and I did that without much effort at all; I know there's more than that. I have attached a few pictures from our travels. There was a lot of mud unfortunately as you'd expect at this time of year but also a lot of sunshine and I have to say autumn has glorious colours.

I have some exciting news in that I will be getting my van sooner than expected. Hopefully we will be out this weekend looking at some and then it's a case of fitting some crates and off we go. Your dogs are all perfectly safe in my car but a van will be much easier in many ways. I am thinking I will probably ask Santa for a dog shower too for when it is very wet and muddy. I think I have been well behaved over the last year so let's see what happens!

As you may know I am having a slight change of direction and stopping my solo walks. I get so much pleasure from seeing the dogs run around in their groups and watching them interact that I decided this is what I want to focus on. I am very sorry to the couple of people affected but I hope you understand my decision.

Can I ask whether there would there be any interest in me running a longer walk of 90 minutes to somewhere like the Arboretum? This would be a one off walk not a regular occurrence but I am more than happy to organise it if anyone is interested. The cost for this would be £20 per dog including collection/drop off and my normal towelling off/topping up water etc as well. I can take a maximum of 4 dogs so if you are interested please comment below. I have done a few of these before and everyone enjoyed it so would love to do it again.

As ever if you have any comments or suggestions please get in touch with me.

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